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Amusements of America
Corporate History and Foundations

Amusements of America is one of the premier carnival operators in the world. The company is owned and operated by the Vivona family, and was founded when the two oldest brothers (Morris and John) bought the Ferris Wheel following the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. The brothers were already working with their father operating a frozen custard concession on a circuit in the New Jersey area. Their operation soon began thriving and the other three brothers (Babe, Dominic, and Phil) joined the business. As the brothers added new rides and more equipment, the company’s route grew larger, gradually expanding into the South, and eventually growing into the midway giant that operates today – encompassing over 100 events and serving millions of patrons annually.

The second generation of Vivonas is carrying on the tradition of excellence that has been associated with Amusements of America. Morris Jr, John, Dominic Jr, Marco and Rob Vivona are involved in all aspects of the family business; each brings a unique perspective along with hands on management experience. The future of Amusement of America has been assured by the abilities of this talented group. Amusements of America has built its business upon the foundation of integrity, performance, and reliability. We have developed many long- term relationships with our fairs, some stretching back as long as fifty years. The company operates on the philosophy that the carnival and the host event are truly partners, and understands that one’s success is linked to other’s success.

Amusements of America currently operates two separate units and plays 15 states as well as a Caribbean winter tour. The company was listed in the 1995 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Largest Traveling Amusement Park in the World, and owns an inventory of over 100 rides and attractions. The company operates a year- round ride maintenance facility in its winter quarters in Florence, SC. Amusements of America spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on its ride refurbishing program at the Florence, SC location so our rides are clean, safe, and well presented.

Amusements of America Midway in NJ State Fair

Columbia County Fair is sponsored by A. Carlusso & Son, Inc. and Hudson River Bankd & Trust Co. Foundation