Animals: Up Close and Personal at the Columbia County Fair

Whether a curious sheep or just-born chicks, kid goats or piglets, there is no end of animals to see at the Columbia County Fair. Competing cows, sheep and other farm livestock vie for blue ribbons and the coveted title of “Best in Show”. And bucking broncs and ornery bulls challenge the skills of cowboys [...]


Horse Show

DEPT 5A HORSE SHOW Horse Show The Open Horse Show is taking place this year on August 29th beginning at 8:30AM, three days before the official opening of the Fair.  Wanting to give this classification more attention, the competition has moved to the Grandstand where there is more room for [...]


Frankie Ballard: Every Song has a Story

Country rocker Frankie Ballard is headlining at this year’s Columbia County Fair, Chatham, NY, on Sunday, September 1st at 7PM. Gold records on his wall include “Sunshine & Whiskey,” “Helluva Life” and “Young & Crazy.” The top billed artist earned his chops as the opening act for Bob Seger, Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift. [...]

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