Contestants for the 2019 Schoolgirl Queen Contest at the Columbia County Fair have wide-ranging interests. From training in Brazilian Jiu-jitzu to membership in a Multi-cultural Club, Taekwondo expertise to playing the saxophone, volunteering as a student director of a musical to helping format an Art and Literary Magazine, they are a diverse bunch. 

The contest is an annual event and takes place on Friday evening, August 30th as part of the Columbia County Fair in Chatham.  For the second year, it will be held at the Northgate Stage beginning at 6:30. 

Each high school in the county is represented by one of the 6 junior classmates.  Judging, by three non-local individuals, is based on personality, poise and appearance.  Muriel Faxon, Co-director of the event, says the girls meet with the MC prior to the event and discuss questions that may be asked of them but their extemporaneous responses take place live in front of the Fair audience.   The winner receives $500 in prize money, all others receive $300 eachThe reigning queen, 2018’s Brook McComb from Spencertown, officiates and crowns her successor.  Then the newly designated Queen participates in the Fair Parade that takes place the following day.  The event is sponsored by the CGCC Dean of Students. 

Here are this year’s entries. 


Isabella Bruns – New Lebanon Jr./Sr. High School – A participant in varsity volleyball, band, choir and drama club, Isabella has been inducted into the National Honor Society.  In addition to training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, she makes jewelry and enjoys horseback riding.  




Monalissa Carius – Hudson High School – A chemistry major, Monalissa likes getting to meet people who “are different” from her.  In her spare time she canoes, cooks, camps and enjoys track.  She reads to children at the public library and has raised money for missionaries and to help those struggling with addictions. 




Maria Krein – Germantown Central School – A National Honor Society member, Maria works backstage on her high school productions. She is interested in journalism and college drawing.  When not studying, Maria works to advance her 2nd degree black belt standing in Taekwondo.  Other hobbies include video editing, photography and volunteering at her church. 




Samantha Kubow – Ichabod Crane High School – This candidate is involved in cross country and band at her school as well as with the Crane Acting Troop.  She is on the Girls Athletic Council and is a member of the National Honor Society.  She likes running, singing, baking and playing the guitar.  She hopes to become a doctor. 




Julia Rose – Chatham High School – An enthusiastic soccer player, Julia also plays the cello and the piano. She’s been playing since the first grade.  She also works on the school’s Art and Literary Magazine.  It is Julia’s hope to pursue a career in the health field when she is older. 




Sierra Shelton – Taconic Hills High School – Music figures strongly in Sierra’s extra-curricular activities, from All County Chorus to All County Jazz.  She has participated in High School musical productions, too, and taught children to dance as part of her dance studio work.  Sierra was 1 of 3 volunteer student directors for a Middle School musical.