Talk about horsepower! The Monster Tractor Pull roars like a fleet of jet engines! More high octane motorized entertainment includes the Professional Truck Pull, two nights of Demolition Derby and even an Antique Tractor Pull. The Columbia County Fair in Chatham has real horses, too – – and much more.

There is nothing like high-powered engines revving to the max, to get your attention.  And that’s just what you’ll find at The Columbia County Fair in Chatham – Aug. 28th thru Sept. 2nd – Labor Day.

First up: Two nights of Demolition Derby. Picture road rage in an arena.  Picture plumes of dirt spiking from spinning tires.  THAT’s the Demo Derby.  Heats of automobiles that purposely run into one another with the purpose of being the last car in motion.  From compacts to vans to full-sized vehicles, the hits just keep on comin’.  Sponsored by, Madsen Overhead Doors and W&B Golf Carts Inc.

Next.  Friday night watch diesel, 4WD modified and enhanced trucks show their stuff as part of Shootout Productions’ Truck Pull.  Anyone can register to compete, so expect to hear some local names among the competitors.  Minimum competing age is 16 (with parental consent) – 18 and older for adults. Sponsored by ACP Power Equipment and Broadway Garage.

Then on Saturday evening, the Monster Tractor Pull will make the night air vibrate with sound.  Smoke stacks bellow, pistons pound and pull chains snap when these monster tractors strain to drag the most weight the farthest.  It’s the heaviest motorsport in the world and drivers compete for an entire circuit championship. Sponsored by Hudson River Tractor.

More engines are on display during the Firefighters Parade on Saturday at 11:00AM when more than 40 different companies join in with both vintage and contemporary fire engines.  Sponsored by A. Colarusso & Son, and Stewart’s Shops.

The Fair has plenty more to offer – from magicians to acrobats, farm animals to rodeo clowns, photography to knitting contests – it’s all part of the Columbia County Fair.

Thursday, the 29th, Seniors 62 and over pay half price ($5.00) between 10AM and 4PM and youth 18 years-of-age and under are FREE until 4PM.  Active Military Personnel with ID or uniform can enter FREE every day.  Ticket purchasers must pay in cash at all gates.

There is something for everyone every day at the Columbia County Fair in Chatham – from The Monster Tractor Pull to youngsters’ talents on display in “Columbia County’s Got Talent”, from magician Jay Mattioli (an America’s Got Talent performer) to a strolling Barbershop Quartet, from the bucking, snorting Painted Pony Rodeo to The Kenya Safari Acrobats.  And the food.  Don’t forget the Fair food.  Check out all the Columbia County Fair has to offer at