What’s New!

Check out the new performers and competitions at the 2022 Fair!

What’s New at the Fair for 2022

  • Steve Augeri Band

    Sunday, Sept. 4 • 7PM

    Location: GRANDSTAND

    Journey former lead vocalist STEVE AUGERI. Drawing on a range of diverse musical influences to deliver a unique take on the genre of melodic rock, Steve Augeri is an American rock singer best known as the lead vocalist for the rock group Journey from 1998 to 2006. Steve debuts with the seven times Platinum “Armageddon” sound track then on to record three albums during a successful eight-year tenure that brought one of the worlds most accomplished melodic rock groups back to the stage for multiple world tours and millions of adorning fans. The Steve Augeri Band (Adam Augeri & former Valentine members Adam Holland, Craig Pullman & Gerard Zappa) will be showcasing exciting new songs as well as material from his career including JOURNEY’s Greatest Hits in what promises to be a highlight for his many fans around the world.

    Sponsored by Hudson River Bank Trust Foundation

  • The Association

    Sunday, Sept. 4 • 3:30PM

    Location: GRANDSTAND

    In 1967, The Association made history being the first band anywhere to open a rock festival – the now historic, Monterey Pop Festival. One of the most successful bands to come out of the 60s, they have sold millions of records, tapes, CDs and DVDs as well as earned a number of achievements including a Golden Globe nomination in 1970 for Best Original Song – Goodbye Columbus. 7 Grammy nominations: 1967 – Rock & Roll Group Performance: The Association, Cherish Lyrics 1967 – Rock & Roll Recording: The Association, Cherish Lyrics 1967 – Vocal Group Performance: The Association, Cherish Lyrics 1968 – Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) or Instrumentalist(s):The Association, Windy Lyrics 1968 – Contemporary Album: The Association, Insight Out 1968 – Contemporary Vocal Group: The Association, Windy Lyrics 1968 – Group Vocal Performance: The Association, Never My Love.

    Sponsored by Hudson River Bank Trust Foundation

  • Beer Stained Fiddle

    Sunday, Sept. 4, 1-5PM


    Beer Stained Fiddle is a string band playing Bluegrass, Americana, Appalacian folk, and Jam band genres. All band members sing and are from Columbia County. Mike Pagnani on fiddle, Brian Tipple on banjo, Andy Andrewski on cajon, Scott Malony on upright bass, Steve Hills on guitar, Eugine Krien on mandolin and Tom Meyers on dobro.

  • Circus Incredible

    Thursday, Sept. 1, 4PM and 6 PM Friday, Sept. 2, 1PM and 4PM Saturday, Sept. 3 - Monday, Sept. 5, 1PM, 4:30PM and 7PM

    Location: SOUTH GATE

    Circus Incredible is made up of 2nd and 7th generation circus performers. Lyric Wallenda of the “World Famous Wallenda” family displays her aerial artistry of grace, beauty and strength. Simon Arestov who is originally from Moscow, Russia, amazes audiences of all ages with his jaw dropping acrobatics and balancing!

  • Duct Tape Fashion Show

    This could get sticky… but let’s get creative, and we mean really creative. Make accessories, houseware items, or clothing from 75% duct tape. Yes, good ole duct tape, of any color. As seen on the fashion runaways…it can be done!

  • The Cookie Contest

    Get your sweet tooth on and enter the new Cookie Contest!  Kids and adults of any age, inexperienced and experienced bakers are all eligible to enter (well maybe not Martha Stewart, haha). All baked goods must be made in a home kitchen and all entries must have one key ingredient in the recipe…chocolate chips! Can you say YUMMMMMMMM?

  • Michael Goudeau Comedy Juggler

    Thursday, Sept. 1 - Monday, Sept. 5 at 2,PM, 4PM, and 7PM

    Location: NORTH GATE STAGE

    Michael’s show has all the laughs of a great comedian combined with all the thrills of a great juggling act. This show isn’t just someone talking about something funny that happened, its “funny” happening right now.

    Michael was the featured act in the Lance Burton Show in Las Vegas from 1991 until 2010. He has performed more shows for more years than any juggler in Las Vegas history. Michael has also performed on TV shows, cruise lines, comedy clubs and review shows around the world.

    He has also written and consulted on series for Showtime, Discovery, FX, and National Geographic.

    Sponsored by Columbia Memorial Hospital

  • Pogo Fred

    Thursday, Sept. 1 - Monday, Sept. 5 (see daily schedules for times)

    Location: NORTH GATE STAGE

    Pogo Fred holds multiple Guinness World Records for his extreme pogo stunts and is regarded as one of the best jumpers on the planet. Check out his incredible tricks and flips as he jumps 10 feet (3 meters) in the air on his next generation and 10-foot tall pogo sticks.

    Fred is one of the original founders of the sport of extreme pogo and has progressed today to be one of the best jumpers in the world. He has inspired countless younger athletes and is a major driving force behind the growth of the sport. As a veteran and founder of the sport, Fred has been featured in numerous media pieces, from Jay Leno, America’s Got Talent, and notably a Nike commercial during the 2012 Olympics.

    Sponsored by Columbia Memorial Hospital

Food great! Band great! Good times with my old classmates.

– Lou S.

Very reasonable admission prices for all the entertainment you get. And didn’t have to pay to park! Thank you!

– Patricia M.

We come every year, wouldn’t go to any other fair.

– Steve K.