Columbia County Fair: Big Savings for Big Fun

Fairgoers can save a bundle by purchasing tickets to this year’s Columbia County Fair in Chatham in advance. Save $2 each day and $7 on Sunday. Other discounts include half-price for Seniors on Thursday before 4PM and free entry for teens under 18 before 4PM. Discount ride passes let fans ride all day for ...READ MORE


Schoolgirl Queen Contestants are More Than just Pretty Faces

Contestants for the 2019 Schoolgirl Queen Contest at the Columbia County Fair have wide-ranging interests. From training in Brazilian Jiu-jitzu to membership in a Multi-cultural Club, Taekwondo expertise to playing the saxophone, volunteering as a student director of a musical to helping format an Art and Literary Magazine, they are a diverse bunch.  The contest is an annual event and takes place on Friday evening, August 30th as ...READ MORE


Columbia County’s Got PLENTY of Talent

Forty to fifty contestants will take part in Columbia County’s Got Talent”, at this year’s Columbia County Fair. From youngsters to teens and adults, singers, dancers, magicians and other talented individuals will compete for prize money and a chance to go up against stiff competition at the New York State Fair. Right now, ...READ MORE

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