General Fair Information

Hours of Operation

Wednesday: NOON to 11pm
Thursday-Monday: 10am-11pm


Parking is FREE. Please use the Route 66 vehicular gate, with four-lanes to keep traffic moving. Buy Fair tickets after you park.
There is handicapped parking; ask the parking attendants for guidance.
Route 203, North Gate, is a Walk-In gate only.


To reserve FREE wheelchair use, inquire at admission gates (Limited Amount Available). SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED Courtesy of THE GRAND and Barnwell Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


Alcohol is sold and consumed only in the Pavilion, Livingston Hall (Craft Beverages) and the Upper Entertainment Garden.


NO Smoking on the grounds during, after, or before the FAIR.


No Pets Allowed on the fairgrounds at any time.
Service Dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for persons with disabilities, will be admitted. ***All service dogs must have PROOF of rabies vaccination to enter the grounds.
Do Not Leave Your Dog in the Car. Any dog left in a vehicle will be turned over to the local authorities/ dog warden at the expense of the owner.

NOTE: Confinement of Companion Animals in Vehicles: Extreme Temperatures (NY State Agricultural and Markets Law §353-d): A person shall not confine a companion animal in a motor vehicle in extreme heat or cold without proper ventilation or other protection from such extreme temperatures where such confinement places the companion animal in imminent danger of death or serious physical injury due to exposure to such extreme heat or cold.


The Fair is a rain or shine event.


Minor injuries and ailments are treated at the First Aid Station located near the restrooms by Gate #1 (map #41).


If your child is lost, go to the NYS police station (map #4) located next to the Fair Administration building.

Columbia County Fair Code of Conduct:

We are incredibly excited to have you at the Columbia County Fair! We do whatever we can to ensure that all our visitors have an enjoyable, safe time at the Fair.    In so doing, the Columbia County Fair must enforce prohibited items and behaviors which apply to fairgoers.  Bags search will be conducted during entrance to Fairgrounds.  Listed below are some of the common prohibited items and behaviors, but does not limit itself to the following:


All entrances may utilize “Bag Check Areas” for guests, and some or all guests and/or vendors may be subject to manual check or scanning with the use of a metal detector wand or other similar device. The Fairgrounds does not offer a Claim Check area nor Storage Lockers. All bags will be searched.   All persons and your property are subject to search.

Ice chests/coolers and large bags/ storage containers are prohibited. Coolers larger than 16”x16” are prohibited. Bags and backpacks larger than 24” in length (larger than that considered for personal items) are prohibited.


No Fire Arms Allowed

Weapons of any kind, including but not limited to firearms, whether registered or unregistered, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, antique firearms, black powder rifles, black powder shotguns, or any muzzle-loading firearms, and/or other weapons including but not limited to any variety of knife, electronic dart gun, electronic stun gun, cane sword, club, billy, blackjack, bludgeon, plastic knuckles, metal knuckles, chukka stick, sand bag, sand club, wrist-brace type slingshot or slungshot, shirken or “Kung Fu star”, razor, imitation pistol, or any other dangerous or deadly instrument or weapon (or an imitation thereof that could be reasonably mistaken for a deadly instrument or weapon) are prohibited from the Fairgrounds, except for those weapons authorized to be carried by law enforcement personnel and Peace Officers and those weapons on display in a Fair exhibit by authorized branches of the U.S. Military, Reserves, and National Guard, or other approved and sanctioned vendor/ exhibitor to the Columbia County Fair, provided that the weapons are unloaded, in a safe condition, and appropriately secured while displayed.


The following items are also prohibited while on the Fairgrounds: Illicit Drugs, Alcoholic Beverages not purchased on-site, pepper spray, chemical mace, and any other similar personal defense items, Drones or Quad-copters, Selfie Sticks, Signs, Placards, Roller Blades, Roller Skates, Skate Boards, Scooters, other than power mobility scooters used by persons with limited mobility, Segways, unless employed as a mobility device to accommodate a person with a disability, Hover Boards, and Bicycles or any other similar items. Laser beams / laser pointers.

Bags, backpacks, coolers, purses, and fanny packs are permitted, but are subject to search upon entry to the Fairgrounds.
Gang, inciteful or hateful attire, language or behavior
The sale and display of confederate flags and memorabilia have been found objectionable by some of the patrons of the Fair in the past, and the display and/or sale of these items by vendors is therefore prohibited
Solicitation or distribution of promotional materials, literature or vending without prior written consent is prohibited.
Professional Photography Equipment or Tripods that are not directly connected with a news affiliate.

EXCEPTION: Under the discretion of the CCAS President, Fair Manager or his/her designee, Photography equipment may be permitted for specific events with prior written approval. Other items listed may be permitted for special promotions/events but only with prior written approval. The official fair photographer is exempt.

The following behaviors are subject to prosecution and may result in being removed and banned from the Fair, without refund:

  • Any illegal activity (in violation of any New York State or Columbia County Law)
  • Acts or threats of violence
    Trespassing (unlawful entry)
  • Bootleg merchandising
    Counterfeiting of or scalping of tickets, ride passes and/or credentials
  • Drunken or disorderly conduct
  • Destruction of property
    Possession and/or use of
  • Illegal drugs
  • Bullying

EXCEPTION: Under the discretion of the CCAS President, Fair Manager or his/her designee, Drones or Quad-copters may be permitted for specific events with prior written approval. Other items listed may be permitted for special promotions/events but only with prior written approval.

Nice size county fair for kids and grandparents too! Something for everyone.

– Mary A.

Best Fair

– Jeff K.

I’ve been going to the Fair for 14 years. Love my favorite cheese fries, demo derby and all the cute animals. Can’t wait til year!

-Blake R.